Watching The River Flow*


“If the boulders are moved,
Even a river will change its flow.” ~Deng Ming Dao

We had a photographer meet up and fun walk along the Eno River, NC last weekend. A beautiful day with unusually cool temperatures, inspiring, creative people and no snakes (It’s copperhead season here in the south, yikes)!


Lots of lush green along the river trail thanks to higher than usual rainfall.


*Watching The River Flow


A Rose, No Guns.

red, red, rose


A red rose for Monday.

Springtime in Monochrome

What is it about tulips in the springtime? So, on my way to the grocery store I saw these tulips on the side of the road. Perfect light and the 50mm, I had to stop… I’ve said it before – every time I pull out this lens I am reminded of how much I love it for it’s shallow depth of field and dreamy quality.

IMG_7904 copy

IMG_7888 copy

IMG_7934 copy

IMG_7867 copy-2