A Walk Through The Gardens


Sarah P. Duke Gardens at Duke University are right around the corner but I tend to stay away because 1) I’ve shot there a gazillion times and 2) so has everyone else. That said, when I do go it’s a pleasant reminder of the exceptional collection and variety of plants and flowers they have. It’s the one place I can find stunning water lilies and the only place I know of around where there are Lotus blossoms. I missed the Lotus blooming peak but there were still a few to be found. You can wander around for hours in any season and still not see it all. Every excursion offers something new and an afternoon retreat that’s really good for the soul.

So, flowers in abundance…











Pink Lotus bloom & damsel fly


The Catch

I like doing sequence composites and I had previously done one of this Bald Eagle fishing with 4 frames:IMG_6761-Edit-1

After watching a Photoshop Week segment with Jason Hoppe on Creative Live about making animated gif files, I decided to try it out. It’s pretty simplistic and crude, I know, but a fun start!IMG_6761-2

I’ve never tried any animation before and found it was fairly simple. I imported the 5 frames into Photoshop (I use Cs5) as layers, opened the animation frames, set the sequence and display time then in the “save for web” dialogue chose .gif and the settings I wanted. Easy peasy!

Dancing In The Light

This old cemetery is at Trinity Church, Scotland Neck, NC established in 1732. I love the light patch illuminating the markers. I imagine the spirits, dancing among the markers, reveling  in the beautiful light. A friend told me her father used to play hide & seek in this cemetery as a young boy…

Grave markers, Scotland Neck, NC

Dawn To Dusk



One of my favorite views of the lake. The lake narrows, becoming a swampy winding creek passing through richly populated wildlife habitat…Both images are 2 frame, stiched panoramas.