The Farmhouse

Chatham County Farmhouse

I have passed by this old house on my drive to the lake for several years always wanting to stop but never have until now. The sunrise light was perfect and the timing right. Sitting empty but cared for, it stands perhaps as a monument to it’s past. it shares the property with a more modern lived in home.

7 frame panorama.


The Artisan

I recently had the pleasure of shooting studio and product images for Cathy Burnham of Blue Heron Jewelry in Chapel Hill, NC. Working with artists is always fun and creative and I thank Cathy for trusting my skill and vision to portray her work in the best possible light.

IMG_8027 IMG_8048 IMG_8069

Full of texture, color, and interesting shapes her pieces were deserving of something other than the standard black or white background product shots and I wanted to convey the creativity of Cathy’s work. I found the tools of her trade fascinating and visually interesting so decided to use them as props to highlight her beautiful designs.

IMG_8504-Edit IMG_8513 IMG_8554-Edit IMG_8566 IMG_8579-Edit IMG_8618-Edit

All of Cathy’s work is skillfully hand crafted and unique, be sure to stop by her website to take a look.

Cathy in the studio at Blue Heron Jewelry.