Easy Like Sunday Morning



I went out for sunrise this morning to shoot with the technician and engineer from Aqueti.com, makers of a gigapixel camera. It’s incredible technology that shoots huge panoramic images using a special prototype camera equipped with 36 smaller cameras mounted and housed within an encased domed lens. I can’t wait to see the results this week! Check out their website, it’s pretty cool stuff.

I couldn’t not shoot with my regular DSLR too. It was perfect – a few clouds, some wildlife and of course (yay) a little fog.

Sunris at the lake


2 thoughts on “Easy Like Sunday Morning

  1. Denise, your vertical has the sweet spot between sparse and rich. Your framing makes this about the space… the atmosphere.. the field of shifting color.. of a sunset, with the offset placement of the sun, that wonderfully alive and understated cloud, and the call/response between that cloud and the taller tree. And, I appreciate the tasteful refraining from oversaturating the colors. Typically deft of you.

    • Thank you Wayne! What a nice compliment. It was a beautiful sunrise with nature cooperating in every way. While it’s easy to hit that saturation slider to emphasize the brilliance of a sunrise, I find nature takes care of it quite well without the aid of added excess. 🙂

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