Ambassador Buddy



I went to Waynesboro, Virginia  for Riverfest to see Buddy the Bald Eagle, ambassador for the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  Bald Eagles, through yearly moults, finally get their signature white heads and tails in their fifth year.  Buddy turned 5 this year on April 27th and has grown into a beautiful adult bird.  Click to see  pictures of Buddy through the years.

Buddy had a lesion caused by Avian Pox as a nestling. He was removed from his nest in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, treated, raised and is cared for at WCV. Because of the pox his beak will never grow properly and he cannot be released into the wild. You can read more about Buddy on the Wildlife Center website. 


Who says birds don’t have personalities?



3 thoughts on “Ambassador Buddy

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  2. Hi Denise

    What a cutie Buddy is! So good to hear from you and now feel stupid for not letting you know where we were going. Your blog looks great, we might pinch your theme later!! Not really, but we are still learning as we go, well Sandra is actually!

    • Don’t feel stupid! No way of knowing, really, how close you were & that driving a few hours is no big deal…Thanks for the compliment, my blog has been sorely neglected the past several months but I am working on that. Funny, I was thinking about revamping the entire thing and changing the theme, I think I’ll keep it for a bit longer 🙂 Great to hear from you & happy travels!

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