The Wall

The wall was too high,
As you can see.
No matter how he tried,
He could not break free.

This shot is from the Roger Waters, The Wall show-definitely the best show of the summer, possibly the best concert I’ve ever seen. This post, however, isn’t about the show-I’ll save that for another time-I thought the Wall theme was metaphorically appropriate for what I’m feeling today.

Accounting, billing, marketing, correspondence, resumes and cover letters…It’s an evil necessity. Days and weeks like this make me long for just being able to get out and shoot without being encumbered by the tasks of the daily grind.  I feel guilty when my attention and focus drifts to the freedom of wandering around the lake or another new interesting place to shoot. Even if I do get away from my desk and computer, my creativity seems to be overshadowed by the thoughts of what I should be doing permeating my mind. I’m great at getting the job done when it’s for a client but I can be a master procrastinator when it comes to marketing myself. I’m having a hard time focusing on the task at hand-it involves self promotion-and I never really feel very comfortable with that. Somehow it just feels wrong  to be extolling my abilities and accomplishments.  Unfortunately, marketing with the written word is a necessity if I want to get new work.  Give me a face to face meeting anytime. It’s easy for me to show you my excitement in conveying what I want to do for you, how much I love photographing XYZ that you want, how fun it’s going to be to shoot with or for you and  how much you’re going to love my ideas and the results. My passion shows itself when I’m in the throes of work, talking about it or learning something new. I even love editing and get excited about it! If I have to put it all into writing, somehow it always seems to fall flat. The whole idea of writing a professional CV and cover letters that follow format rules sucks the creativity right out of me. And back to that creativity sucking, CV writing I go. Thanks for Reading!

How have you approached sending a professional sounding letter and CV out that still conveys your personality and creativity. Have you broken the “business” rules?

What I’m listening to:

The Wall~(Roger Waters 2012 performance)Pink Floyd

Back Against The Wall ~ Cage The Elephant