Runnin’ Down A Dream

This week 800m runner Devotia Moore learned she qualified for the US Olympic trials.  When I posted this photo as a congratulatory message on Facebook, she asked me if I could somehow incorporate the Olympic rings… From a shoot we did last fall for her website,  this image didn’t make the cut originally. I liked it but it wasn’t what I was aiming for, so it was left in the archives until now.

The weekend we did the photo shoot we met at the track an hour or so before sunset. She was an incredibly good sport – she tirelessly jogged, jumped and sprinted for me as I suggested and directed.

We decided to do a second shoot at sunrise the next morning. For a warm up, she ran to our location! Always good-natured and full of energy Devotia, once again, endured my every whim for the next 3 hours. I had a blast and appreciate every minute she indulged my creative process.  I hope we get to do it again sometime!

“Devo” has been training hard, working towards her dream. On Friday she’s going to be one step closer. I am so excited for her and I’ll be cheering her on from my living room! Head on over to her blog and wish her luck as she travels to Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon on the next leg of her journey towards competing in London 2012.

My Playlist for Devo

Heart Of A Champion (Feat. Lincoln University Vocal Ensemble) ~ Nelly (Umm, Obvious)

Remember the Name ~ Fort Minor & Styles of Beyond (Because there’s no way this song isn’t gonna pump you up)

Eyes On The Prize ~ Wayne Wonder & Neneh Cherry (because I love this song, and it’s message is perfect. From the official Athens 2004 Album)

The Champion In Me ~ Three Doors Down (because it’s a great song and the video is Awesome)

We are The Champions ~ Queen (Because it can’t not be on the list!)

Fight, Smash, Win ~ Street Sweeper Social Club (Because it’s got a great beat and Tom Morello & Boots Riley rule)

Believe ~ Lenny Kravitz (Because it’s inspirational and I love Lenny Kravitz :))

Okay, I could add dozens more, but I have to cut it off somewhere…Good luck Devo, you’ve earned this!


Everyday Is Exactly The Same

I’ve felt uninspired, stuck, blocked lately. It happens to all of us at some time I suppose. I make myself get out and shoot. I come back with what I think is worthless junk. It attacks your self-esteem and confidence as a creative.  I read blogs that usually inspire me or check out my favorite website searching for something that will give me a push, but when I’m in this place it just makes me feel worse. I tend to beat myself up because I think what I’m working on isn’t meaningful enough or I just can’t measure up. It  perpetuates a downward spiral into paralysis. Some days it is so overwhelming I don’t know where to start and a lot of nothingness follows. Charity work? Check. Freebies? Yup. Intelligently I know these negative voices in my head are irrational and I know I’ll have a breakthrough eventually, but some days are just harder than others to get over the speed bumps.

I’d love to hear what do you do for inspiration. How do you handle being stuck?

What I’m listening to: The Downward Spiral ~ Nine Inch Nails