Ooh Baby Baby

A couple weeks ago I had an opportunity to submit some images for an ad agency wanting shots of a child 0-3 years old. I really wanted to take on the challenge and made arrangements for a couple portrait sessions. Sounds easy, right? Well, sort of. The easy part was making images of two beautiful little girls. What I hadn’t prepared for was the energy level of these toddlers! I prefer shooting candid portraits so natural settings are my venue of choice. First was 18 month old Ella. I arrived at Ella’s house shortly after she had woken from a nap. I’m thinking “oh, this’ll be good, she seems a little shy, I’ll talk to her a little, we’ll connect, we’ll play…” Fast forward to the playground. Who knew a 2’9″, 25 pound little girl could run circles around me! Following around a climbing, sliding, jumping, and running child made for a pretty exhausting hour, but her energy and big personality shone through in some really fun and cute candid portraits.

Next came little Everil, such a cutie at only a year old. Thinking to myself again “great, after Ella wearing me out, I’m kind of glad Everil isn’t walking yet. It’ll be a little easier if she’s only crawling”. It was a beautiful day. We met at a local park and for the second time in two days I was in for a big shock. You Moms out there can stop laughing at my naivte now. At first Everil sat surveying her surroundings as I fired off some test shots, checking lighting and angles. Then she decided to explore a little. I had no idea a toddler could crawl that fast! I was literally running around trying to stay in front of her, I go right, she goes left, laying on the ground for a good angle and then losing it as fast as I get into position. Whew, what a work out!

Anyway, it was great fun! Thanks to Desiree for recruiting her friends’ kids for me and to Becca and Jesselyn for providing the best models ever!

What I’m listening to: From The Cradle Eric Clapton


2 thoughts on “Ooh Baby Baby

  1. These are beautiful shots of some obviously beautiful children! Really love the “furrowed brow” look you’re getting from Ella at the bottom of the slide in pic #4 🙂 Fingers crossed that one or more will get used for the ad.

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