Land Of Confusion

Summer Sunrise

I met a photographer the other day, who, after looking at my website suggested I need to find my direction. I’m not really certain I know what that means. I’ve pretty much lived my whole life flying by the seat of my pants, the only direction being moving from day to day because the sun rises and sets. Most days, in the grand scheme, I have no idea what’s in store. Sure, I have my plan, my “to-do” list, but usually, aside from meetings, obligations and deadlines, the list usually changes. I kind of like it that way. The same is true in my photography. Experience has taught me that as soon as I try pigeon-holing my craft instead of allowing it to grow organically my creativity suffers. I can’t definitively say I prefer photographing one thing over another. Am I good or successful at shooting everything? No, but if I don’t try I won’t be challenged and grow as an artist. One characteristic that defines me is that I have a lot of diverse interests and most are reflected in my work.  I do think, varied as it is, my photography has a unique thumbprint. I want to photograph what moves me, challenges me, and excites me. Some days that’s an idyllic meditative moment in nature and other times it’s an in-your-face rock concert. I think maybe I’ve found my direction and motto perfectly stated by the immortal (& one of my many heroes) Bruce Lee-“Using no way as way” and “Having no limitation as limitation“.

What I’m listening to this week: This is Gonna Hurt  by Sixx:AM


6 thoughts on “Land Of Confusion

  1. Plainly speaking, your photos are very artistic and imaginative. Don’t pay any attention to comments like that. He probably thought he sounded good.

    • Thank you Polly! How about letting the direction find you? I like the idea of trying out all kinds of things and finding the best fit. Kind of like buying a bathing suit, but not as painful and much more fun!

  2. I clicked on this post because of the beautiful photo.. Fantastic reflection…
    But then I read what you wrote and I identify with this so much.. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the same thing.. “what direction is my photography headed”

    • Thank you dpixel! I think we over think it sometimes. Maybe we need to let it take it’s own course while being proactive in just getting it out there!

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