An Honor Guard soldier at the Tomb of The Unknowns.

There’s more to the 4th of July than fireworks, barbeque, fun and celebrations. I recently visited Arlington National Cemetery. Regardless of your political views or religious beliefs, being there, standing in the midst of the 624 acres of buried soldiers who lost their lives fighting for our freedom is a sobering experience. Even if history isn’t your thing it’s easy to appreciate the memorials from as long ago as the Revolutionary and Civil Wars to the Challenger shuttle and 9/11 Pan Am flight. Burial places of Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, astronauts, and military and political leaders, among many others, is a lesson in how our country has evolved. So while we’re all enjoying cook-outs, fireworks, and festivities, take a minute to appreciate how and why we have the freedom we do.

One of the many areas where soldiers are buried.

The Eternal Flame at the JFK grave.


5 thoughts on “Freedom

    • I’m Honored, thank you. Much respect to you, I think Viet Nam Veterans had a more difficult time than any in history coming home. Our nation still has a lot of making up to do for that.

  1. Thank you Denise for posting this poignant and necessary blog. It’s easy for some to forget why our freedom exists and the price that was paid and is continued to be paid in order to have it. By the way, great photos!

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